This California Health Care Foundation study shows that Americans are now living longer, and that people are becoming frailer, therefore more home care services are needed now than ever. According to statistics, the average life expectancy in 2001 was 77.2 years compared to 75.5 ten years earlier. California residents over the age of 85, who will eventually require home care service is expected to double by 2030 says the California HealthCare Foundation.
One of the major trends in the Home Care Industry is the fact that California's population
  is aging, therefore more in-home healthcare services will be required in the next decade. According to the California Health Care Foundation, by 2025, the population of those over 65 will double. This puts California in first place over any state in the United States. Sixty two percent of those who require home care are between the ages of 75-94, 7% are 95 and older, 14% are between ages of 65-74, 7% are 55-64, according to these 2005 statistics from the California Healthcare Foundation.