We recognize that from the first day they are diagnosed all cancer patients are cancer survivors. Our goal is to provide care the growing population of cancer survivors needs both while they are receiving therapy for their cancer and after they have completed treatment.
Living with cancer causes many physical, psychological, social and spiritual changes in our patients and their families that is why Family Care SF, Inc. is dedicated to helping their clients with these complex issues.

NUTRITION AFTER TREATMENT ENDS - As you begin to feel better, you may have questions about eating a healthful diet. Just as you wanted to go into treatment with the necessary nutrient stores that your diet could give you, you'll want to do the best for yourself at this important time. There's very little research to suggest that the foods you eat will prevent your cancer from coming back.
  But eating well will help you regain your strength, rebuild tissue, and feel better overall. And certainly, what you eat can help reduce risk for other cancers.

FOOD AND FITNESS - Eating right, being active, and maintaining a healthy weight are important ways to reduce your risk of cancer´┐Żas well as heart disease and diabetes. Learn the American Cancer Society's guidelines for diet and activity and find tips for a healthy lifestyle and community.

The care for Cancer survivor can range from just Short-Term Care to Live-in/24-hour Care. Typically for a Cancer survivor who just finished treatment feel that Live-in, 24-Hour Care or Night Care, due to the higher amount of attention needed would be more appropriate. As time goes by and a person gets better, Hourly or Weekend Care is enough to make them independent at their own home.