24-hour care is provided in very difficult cases. 24-hour care is very similar to Live-in Care, the difference is, live-in caregiver works 4 or 5 days a week, whereas 24-hour caregiver only works for 24 hours at a time.
A lot of times caregivers are helping with cases where a lot of attention and care is required. They cannot perform at their best, without a good-night's rest. After-Surgery Rehabilitation, Hospice, Progressed Parkinson's, Night Care or any other cases where uninterrupted care is needed, a 24-hour caregiver is
  the best solution.
24-hour care providers are hard to find. Most of the care providers would prefer a stable job. Working a few days a week could be done only by a few candidates. It is time consuming and not always fruitful to interview candidates, check their references and find the right experienced person for the job. Bulk of our daily work comes from interviewing and checking our applicants. We at Family Care SF believe in providing the best service for every situation.
A live-in caregiver stays at home 24 hours a day, and is available to assist morning, noon and night. If we provide live-in care for 7 days a week, we assign a primary caregiver and a secondary caregiver to the job. The primary care-provider cares for 4 or 5 days a week, and the Weekend Caregiver or Substitute takes over for the remainder of the week.
All live-in caregivers must maintain a separate, permanent residence. They are permitted to reside on the client's premises only during their assigned days and nights, and they must leave the
  client's premises with their belongings on their days off. They are strictly forbidden from using the client's property, such as phone, television or car, for their own, personal use. Live-in caregivers must also respect the company policy on visitors: none are allowed while providing care.
The Live-in Caregiver needs to have 8 hours of interrupted, continuous sleep. If there is a need for Night Care, Family Care SF will provide a night caregiver to help with night-time issues.