6.5 million Americans age 55 and older are blind or severely visually impaired. This population is expected to more than double by the year 2030, when the last generation of baby-boomers reaches age 65. That the latest available statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services show there are 4.3 million people in the United States who are blind or severely visually impaired.
An additional 50,000 people will go blind this year. 70 percent of the able-bodied blind population is unemployed simply because they are blind. Blindness and low vision affects almost every family in America. There are very few Audible Traffic Signals to assist the blind at major intersections. There aren't enough "talking books" for every blind person who needs them.
Family Care SF provides caregivers for visually impaired individuals who wish to remain independent at home. The ability to perform such tasks
  independently increases a visually impaired person's self-confidence and self-esteem. Too often, older people with poor vision accept a greater loss of independence than necessary. With the support of Family Care SF and other health care professionals considerable independence can still be maintained. Providing caregivers, who can help such clients with their daily activities and comfort them, is one of Our Specialities.
The care for or Blind person can range from just Short-Term Care to Live-in/24-hour Care. Typically for a long-term Blind person who has learned to live independently or visually impaired, clients feel that Hourly or Weekend Care is enough to make them independent at their own home. On the other hand, temporally blindness or older people with very poor vision may need Live-in or Night Care, due to the higher amount of attention needed.