Hospice is a concept of health care that offers medical, emotional and spiritual support to patients of all ages who are diagnosed with any life-threatening illness, and who want to remain in the familiar surroundings of their home or designated place of residence.   When facing a terminal illness, patients and family members may experience emotions ranging from anger and despair, to sadness and denial. Children may feel frightened, the patient's caregiver overwhelmed.
OUR GOAL - The final stages of life need not be painful, depressing, or frightening. Instead, the last days, weeks, and months of a person's life can be a celebration of that life and a loving time shared with family and close friends. Enhancing the quality of life and helping the family to cope is the goal of Family Care SF. The emotional and spiritual issues are considered essential to the care process as well.
Hospice care differs from other forms of health care because not only does it address the needs of the patient, but also the needs of the family or other primary caregivers. Hospice professionals help patients and families address the significant medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual
  changes in their lives. When the patient follows the natural course of the disease process, his or her life is enhanced with compassion and dignity through hospice care. Providing caregivers, who can help such clients with their daily activities and comfort them, is one of Our Specialities.
The care for Hospice person can range from just Short-Term Care to Live-in/24-hour Care. Typically for a Hospice person who just got admitted to the program, clients feel that Hourly or Weekend Care is enough to make them independent at their own home. When a person has been on the Hospice program for a while their health declines and they often need Live-in, 24-Hour Care or Night Care, due to the higher amount of attention needed.