Not all older adults require live-in care. Many use our caregivers on an hourly basis. For example: just during the day for a view hours on weekdays, or in the evening to get ready for night, or just on the weekends to help out with shopping and cooking meals, or just for preparation and transportation to doctor appointments. Hourly Care is usually recommended in cases such as Diabetes Care, Alzheimer's Care, Parkinson's Care, Heart Surgery Recovery, Cancer Survivors,   Visually Impaired/Blind and Long/Short-Term Care. Family Care SF is accessible for all your needs, and is happy to provide care whenever and wherever needed.
Family Care SF has adopted an industry standard, the caregiver must be scheduled for 4 hours or more per day. This is done by the request of the caregivers and it's not worth their while to do the job that is less than 4 hours a day.
A big concern for many seniors and their caregivers are the potential problems that may arise after the caretaker has left for the day.
Incontinence, navigation through a dark house, and fear of falling are all night-time issues that many seniors face. Loneliness, boredom, and risk of accidents or medical problems are often feared at night. Providing night care offers a higher degree of safety and the ability to respond quickly to any emergency.
Night care service providers are often companions as well, though there are strict rules that must be followed. Night care providers must have a private place to sleep though a big part of their purpose is to assist a senior that must
  get up in the middle of the night to help with bathroom care, assist with medication, or many other events that can be problematic. They are not there however, to provide company in the middle of the night if the senior just cannot sleep.
Even though night care providers often spend much of their time sleeping, they are officially on the clock as long as they are present in the house. Their job is to be there for emergency purposes and for when there are physical problems that must be dealt with during the night. Night Care is usually provided in cases such as: Hospice Care, Parkinson's Care, Heart Surgery Recovery, Paralysis Care, Long/Short-Term Care.
The caregivers work very hard and like the rest of us get tired, therefore they need to rest. All of our caregivers can work with one client for a maximum of 5 days a week with 2 days off. In many cases, the care that is needed is continual and requires 7 days a week care plan.
Number of the caregivers would prefer to work only on weekends and would not take on a full time job. Family Care SF will provide our clients with caregivers for any occasion, even on weekends.
  Weekend caregiver is a must in Hospice, Live-in/24-hour Care, Diabetes Care, Alzheimer's Care, Parkinson's Care, Heart Surgery Recovery, Visually Impaired/Blind, Paralysis Care and other cases where continues care is needed. They are also referred to as substitutes for the primary care-provider, who provides live-in care during the week. In other cases the Weekend Care is needed when the client is independent and needs help only on weekends.