As a social worker in Hospice Services, I have used the services of Family Care SF for about 2 years, to arrange for care for my patients.
Their response in placing caregivers is quick - generally just a couple of hours - and the phone contacts are always friendly. They have a large number of caregivers available, and most of them speak other languages in addition to English, an important component to caregiving in the Bay Area. In those situations in which a chance of caregiver is required, Marina and Alex have been quick to respond,
  and seemed to care about what was not working with the current caregiver. The cost of the service is also very affordable, whether by the hour or the 24-hour live-in basis.
I will continue to use them in the future, and heartily recommend them for other care coordinators.

Tom Chalmers, LCSW
Kaiser Hospice Services, San Francisco
I can recommend the services of Family Care SF without reservations. I have used this firm for the more than 3 years and they have provided me with caregivers with care, efficiency and concern for my needs far and above what I could expect.   They address the Client's needs and supply, as far as possible, a caregiver consistent with those qualities.

Yours truly,
Ritta Halperin,
Rossmoor (Walnut Creek)
I write this letter in behalf of the Family Care SF company, with whom I have been working for several years. In spite of the fact that our industry constantly experiences labor problems, probably more than other industries, working with the Family Care SF is a pleasure, because they always try to answer our needs for qualified, soft hearted, compassionate caregivers, in most cases well trained, in other cases very trainable.
Mr. Girsh and Mrs. Riskin are very
  responsible, responsive, and can be reached at any time, and do everything possible to help and satisfy their clients. I am glad that we found them, and would recommend them to all good companies in our industry.

Leon Trubin,
Administrator of California Sunshine Care for the Elderly in Concord, CA