Some of our clients require that a caregiver will go through the process of background check. It is a simple procedure to check if a caregiver has a clean record with the Department of Justice. It is not necessary, but in some cases it is preferred by the client.
In our news media, the story about a caregiver does not get covered unless it's a crisis or a very bad incident. This kind of negative attention to a noble profession of health care is hard to overcome for the whole industry. The most of the heat falls on the
  frontliners like caregivers, CNAs, nurses and others. There is a great deal of trust involved when a client decides to bring a stranger into their home, to care for them or their loved ones. Background check lets our clients know if there is any negative history on a caregiver's criminal record. The good news, the results of a background check is good for 24 months. An applicant does not need to do a background check for every new client. It is only done every two years and it gives a great peace of mind to all who are involved.