At some point, seniors need help with the activities of their daily living. The warning signs that help is necessary are:
  • Dehydration, poor nutrition.
  • Lack of personal hygiene, incontinence.
  • Mobility problems, inability to transfer safely.
  • Wandering and falling, disorientation to time and place.
  • Confusion, depression, and forgetfulness to take medications and paying bills.
There are other situations where it becomes a necessity to hire a home care provider. In these situations the family member(s) or friend(s) need to act fast:

A patient who is ready for a hospital discharge, but unable to leave because there is no one at home to assist him or her through convalescence.
WE RECOMMEND - Personal Assistant, Short-Term, Hourly or Weekend Care.
  A chronically ill or handicapped person who needs assistance and supervision with all activities of daily living, in order to live at home.
WE RECOMMEND - Caregiver, Hourly, Live-in, Long Term or Weekend Care.

A household in crisis, due to the illness of a key family member.
WE RECOMMEND - Hourly, Weekend , Personal Assistant, Live-in or Short-Term Care.

An elderly person who needs assistance and desires companionship yet wants to remain in his or her own home.
WE RECOMMEND - Hourly, Weekend Care or Personal Assistant.

A seriously ill patient and his or her family who need emotional support, supervision and care.
WE RECOMMEND - CNA, Caregiver, Weekend , Live-in, Long Term or 24-hour Care.